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About 7 years ago I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, ripping pages out to save in various "idea" binders I was keeping of all my favorite things.  I remember my brother, who has been in the printing side of the publishing business forever, said to me . . .  "print magazines are heading in the on-line direction ya know, you won't be ripping out for much longer."  I didn't laugh at him, because I knew he was right, but I was bummed. The idea of not sitting, and flipping and ripping made me so sad.  I still like the glossy feel of Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and the like, but much like the rest of us, the on-line versions are a lot easier to carry around (on my 4.5 lb macbook air). Don't get me wrong those publications still cover my coffee table and always will !!!

But we all know things have changed and changed a lot . . . with Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram especially, being able to pull your favorite magazines on-line and "pin" the pages you want to remember into a file that never fades, get wrinkled or gets lost in some file somewhere.  I love the editorials, I learn a lot - good and bad, but the phone and lap top accessibility of all the "pretty pictures," when you are stuck on a train or waiting for a meeting is pretty nice.

Here's a list of 4 on-line magazines I look at regularly . . .

   I'll give you a little run down on them as well.  Be sure and check them out over this "down-time" of year !!!  I've included a peek at my favorite articles in the current issues . . . 

Michelle Adams

Beyond excited about Domino.  Have always loved it and glad it's back !

Lonny, too is on the top of my list.  Interesting that Michelle Adams is with Domino now.  It's no wonder I love the two so much !

Coco & Kelley's editor Cassandra Lavalle recently had her digs in shoot for this issue, great space and loved the inside look at her work space.

Loved this artist profile on Rachel Castle.  Prompted me to check out her site and ponder a piece or two.

Check them out, if you haven't recently.

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