Spotlight: Rebecca Hossack Gallery, NYC

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Thank you The English Room's Holly Phillips.  I read and love your blog and on this early Sunday morning before my day kicks in I came across your recent NYC Jaunt post.  First of all - jealous, second of all - noticing we gravitate towards the same neighborhoods and sights in the Big Apple.  One thing I didn't know about was Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Mott Street.  I am adding that to my list of "Don't Miss" the next time I am up there . . .

The artists they represent are pretty awesome, I would be hard pressed to not fall in love if I were to walk in there.  Thanks again Holly for the mentioning Peter Clark's collage work.  I am a huge fan of that type of mixed media so I hit the gallery site immediately.

Peter Clark's work uses an amazing array of vintage papers and other collected materials creating these captivating, whimsical pieces.  He is best know for his dog and animal images which I love, but I also noticed these . . . pretty great !

Not able to splurge on one of these, his book might do the trick on the coffee table for the time being !

I am having the best time wondering through all the works represented at Rebecca Hossack.  Another artist that caught my eye, Piers Bourke.

Combining photographic images ". . . extracting images and assembling them without regard to the normal external work," he explains.  Attending school in Chelsea, Bristol and London, this 35 year old has a great eye and I love these in particular.  His work also include furniture and commission pieces.

Oohh... take a look at Allyson Reynolds . . . love.  Her bio say "Allyson Reynolds paints moths."  Well these moths, and their large scale has achieved an international reputation.  Allyson lives in Queensland, Australia and her technique (painting wet on wet) does ideally suit her subject.

She does have a book out there, available through blurb.  It's a large, hard cover and was published for the first for her exhibit at Rebecca Hossack for the exhibition of Moth Song in 2012.  Another great coffee table beauty.

And lastly, Klaus Enrique.  Ok - crazy genius.   Born in '75 - Mexico City, studied genetics in England, received an MBA from Columbia NYC, then turned to photography - studying at Parson's.

I first checked out his site after seeing his work showcased at Rebecca Hossack and took a deep breath . . .

. . . then I read more about him in Muse Magazine.  His show (Oct - Nov this year at RHG) was spotlighted on the press page  . . . "Mr. Enrique may be lucky in that his style and idea comes from so lofty a place.  Was it Picasso who said that "good artists copy, great artists steal?"  If that is so, then Enrique is a great artist; the idea came from 16th century Italian portrait painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who, tired of painting the same faces of bored aristocrats, decided to make portraits of people using vegetables or fruit.
His process is to first stage the photo by arranging fruit, flower petals or grains and in the case of Darth Vader .. butterflies.   He captures the moment before it is lost.  In my opinion, sculptor, photographer, and crazy clever.  The epitome of my view that an artist's mind makes the world a brighter place.

wow . . .

Ok.  This concludes my Sunday morning moment  - for me, I need to head to the office to wrap my brain around the four installs we are doing next week - yeah . . . I need to take a deep breath, but at least I know I have a team that will not stop in helping me pull it off.

Thanks again Holly for steering me in such a happy direction !

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